Technical details:

At the moment the database is a simple sqlite file queried using only php. I'm aware that technology evolved in the last decade and this choice is questionable, but I choose to stick with it for the following reasons:

About licensing:

One of the reasons I made this site is because I believe in freedom. In particular I believe that knowledge is a fundamental asset of all humanity and must not be copyrighted. For this reason the database content is licensed under a CC0 licenseCC0

This apply for the content directly hosted on the site. Other materials linked from other places may have different licenses, eg:Wikipedia which uses CC BY-SA, etc.

I do my best to assure that all the content provided are served under a free or at least permissive licence. If you are the owner of the right of something that you feel is provided here without the right to do so please contact me and if that is effectively true I will remove the content immediately.


While making this site I was searching for a place to find book covers and portraits of authors. I initially thinked about using Amazon or Google, but I soon found out that their licences doesn't allow it. So I discovered Open Library, which is a side project of the Internet Archive, and is amazing!. Unfortunately many italian publications are not present, expecially the translations I'm interested in. But following the collaborative spirit of shared knowledge I found myself contributing back to the project a lot. I invite you to do the same if you find that a publication is not present in open library's database.